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Plant Pro-Tec Repellents discourage dog and cats from making  messes on or around trees, shrubs, flowers, and garden plants.  Here are frequently asked questions concerning Plant Pro-Tec Repellents.  If you have questions not answered here, please email us or call us at
1 800-572-0055.

1. Why are Plant Pro-Tec Repellents effective?
2. Why are Plant Pro-Tec Repellents long lasting?
3. How are Plant Pro-Tec Repellents used?
4. Why are Plant Pro-Tec Repellents economical
5. Will my yard smell?
6. Where can I find Plant Pro-Tec Repellents?
7. Who invented Plant Pro-Tec Repellents?
8. Where are Plant Pro-Tec Repellents manufactured?

1.  Why are Plant Pro-Tec Repellents effective?  The repelling formulation in Plant Pro-Tec Repellents is based on long known data that the odor from some natural oils repels dog and cats.  Our product contains strong, long lasting odors.  (back to top)

2.  Why are Plant Pro-Tec Repellents long lasting?  The odor from an activated Plant Pro-Tec Repellent is evident for 6 to 8 months, a whole growing season!  The  odor lasts a long time for three reasons:  1) The odor is from concentrated oils.  2) We have created a slow release system.  If the compounds that give the oils its repelling odor are exposed to air, they oxidize.  As oxidation occurs, the repelling odor dissipates.  We prevent oxidation of the compounds by sealing out air with a plastic cone (See cross section diagram  at left).  The cone, however, allows the  odors to slowly permeate through.  Without the cone the odors would be evident for 1 to 2 months.  With the cone the odor is evident for 6 to 8 months, a whole growing season!  3)  The repelling formulation is not affected by rain or irrigation water.  (Because of the cone, water can not reach the formulation).  Although a Plant Pro-Tec repellent has a rain-shield, we still recommend that Repellents be clipped on sideways to prevent water from getting in.  Water cannot dilute the formulation, but it can create a barrier which prevents the repelling odor from escaping.  No repelling odor, no repellency!  (back to top)

3.  How are Plant Pro-Tec Repellents used?   For complete instructions, please see the Features & Directions page.(back to top)

4.  Why are Plant Pro-Tec Repellents economical?  Plant Pro-Tec Repellents are economical because only one application is necessary to last a whole growing season.  Also, with a shelf life of one or more years, any Repellents not used this year will still be effective next year. (back to top)

5.  Will my yard smell?   The honest answer is that if you smell anything at all, you will probably like it.  We have never received any complaints about the odor.  Although the odor from a Plant Pro-Tec Repellent is not strong to most people, dogs and cats are generally very sensitive to it. (back to top)

6.  Where can I find Plant Pro-Tec Repellents?   You can order Plant Pro-Tec Repellents direct from us on-line or by calling our office at 1 800 572-0055.  Plant Pro-Tec Repellents are also being sold in garden centers across the country.  If your favorite garden center does not carry Plant Pro-Tec Repellents, provide them information and if they start carrying them, we will send you a bag of 12 Repellents at no cost . (back to top)

7.  Who invented Plant Pro-Tec Repellents?  The Plant Pro-Tec Repellent device was invented by Dr. Jerry Walters.  As a Research Forester and a home owner, he kept losing research and landscape plants to deer.  After trying every repellent available with poor results, he invented Plant Pro-Tec Repellents.  Because Plant Pro-Tec Repellents were invented and developed with Jerry’s time and resources, a private U.S. Patent was issued.(back to top)

8.  Where are Plant Pro-Tec Repellents manufactured?   Plant Pro-Tec Repellents are manufactured in Redding, California.  They are manufactured and packaged with assistance of mentally and/or physically disabled men and women.  They understand the importance of a quality product and are excited about helping people protect their plants! (back to top)

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