Gopher & Mole Repellent
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Plant Pro-Tec Gopher & Mole Repellents redirect animals away from lawns and gardens. Plant Pro-Tec Repellents are:

Effective: Repelling formulation is based on long known data that the sulfur compounds from garlic repel gophers and moles.

Long Lasting: Underground, the repelling odor is emitted over 10 to 12 months.

Easy to Use: Repelling garlic odor is released by removing the rubber stopper. The repellent is then dropped into the gopher or mole tunnel. (For directions on finding the tunnels, refer to ‘Features & Directions‘) If the rubber stopper is not removed, the shelf life is one or more years.

Economical: Repellents are used to protect areas and/or individual plants. Because Repellents are effective for 10 to 12 months, only one application is necessary for a whole season of protection.

Note: The repelling formulation consists of plant oils. The plastic body of Plant Pro-Tec Repellents biodegrades.

A perfect gift for the person who has everything, including gophers & moles destroying their plants!

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