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Plant Pro-Tec (Garlic) UNITS discourage deer, elk and rabbits from browsing trees, shrubs and flowers. Plant Pro-Tec UNITS are the best repellents on the market today because they are:

Effective - Repelling formulation is based on long known data that the garlic odor repels deer, elk and rabbits.

Long Lasting - Emit repelling garlic odor for 6 to 8 months.

Easy to Use - Repelling garlic odor is released by breaking a barrier. UNITS are attached to a plant or fence with a clip. If barrier is not broken, the shelf life is one or more years.

Safe - Repelling formulation consists of organic food-grade ingredients; the plastic body biodegrades.

Protect your plants with Plant Pro-Tec (Garlic) UNITS

Economical - UNITS are used to protect areas and/or individual plants. Because UNITS are effective for 6 to 8 months, only one application is necessary for a whole season of protection.

A perfect gift for the person who has everything, including deer and rabbits destroying their plants!

Warranty: We believe that Plant Pro-Tec (Garlic) Units are the best repellents on the market to protect your plants from deer and/or rabbits. We, therefore, offer a full refund to any customer who has used the product correctly and is still not satisfied with results.


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